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Freshie & Craft Expo

Virtual Class Ticket - Advanced Freshie 1-5PM MARCH 8TH

Virtual Class Ticket - Advanced Freshie 1-5PM MARCH 8TH

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Tissue paper 
  •  Tissue paper 
  •  Bare bull (finished freshie x2) 
  •  Matte modge podge - 
  •  2 Small square paint brush (one wet one dry) 
  •  Small condiment cup 
  •  Lighter - not included in supply kit
  •  1 yard of 6 inch fringe
  •  Chunky glitter
  •  Exacto knife 
  •  7X7 bag X2
  •  4in round mold - need to bake your own, not included in supply kit
  •  4oz scented beads 
  •  Turquoise stones 
  •  Chunky glitter 
  •  Mica
Cow print 
  • White paint 
  •  Modge modge matte 
  •  white metallic glitter 
  • Black alcohol ink 
  •  Brown Alcohol ink 
  •  Cow hide mold (finished freshie x2 provided) 
  • 2 needle oiler bottles for the ink 
  • coffee GGE ink and toffee GGE ink
  • Burnt Amber Apple barrel paint 
  • Small square paint brush 
  • 5 Q tip brand Q tips 
  • Use one tissue paper bull to distress 
Fine details 
  •  Skull and flowErs from Fraziers (finished freshie) 
  • 1/256 ultra fine silver holographic glitter to brush into mold before baking 
  • Black, light blue, purple paint in needle tip bottles 
  •  Pearl matte blue, monsoon, fairytale, Carolina sky glitter from GGE 
    Tie dye 
    • Neon mica 
    •  White mica powder 
    • Black paint 
    •  Black glitter
    • Neon pink, purple and blue mica 
    • Fluffy makeup brush 
    • Any mold that has large open words (keep to 4-5 words) - not included in supply kit
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